Building Regulations

This covers actions like:

  • Health safety of building work and fire safety
  • Regulate access and ease of use of buildings
  • Energy conservation of buildings
  • New construction and refitting or altering existing buildings

Quick Checklist

(Note:- Unless you have experience and working knowledge of building construction, we advise you obtain appropriate professional advice before starting a project). Before you start on your project:

  • Are your builders registered with appropriate professional bodies?
  • Responsibility for compliance lies with you – if you delegate to a builder make sure that is fully understood
  • Ensure you understand boundary lines with neighbouring properties
  • Check if there are any covenants in place that could restrict your work
  • Make sure you protect any drains
  • Remember you can use Local Authority building control (LABC) or approved private inspectors
  • Building work projects can often need to tie in with other regulatory services like town planning, fire safety, health and safety and statutory nuisance
  • NOTE – The local authority have a number of surveyors in the area, with local knowledge, who can often do same day inspections and liaise with other regulators

Links and Contacts:

Much of the information you need in relation to building regulations compliance is available on-line through your Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or directly from your Local Authority. To find your local authority building control department follow this link and input the postcode of your business location