Employing People

One of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of running a business is employing staff who contribute to business success. In this section we highlight your legal position and how to access advice to underpin success or overcome challenges

This covers actions like:

  • Taking on staff
  • Your and their responsibilities
  • Avoiding conflict or issues
  • How to resolve conflict or issues that arise
  • How good communications and employee engagement help businesses to succeed

Quick Checklist

(Note:- Employment and employment law are both challenging and complex. We suggest you contact ACAS to ensure you have all relevant systems and procedures in place before you employ people. You will find a wide range of resources are available to help on-line, and lots of specialist businesses to help. If in doubt contact you local Growth Hub who will point you to this expertise). The following is a high level, but not comprehensive set of points to consider:

  • Always issue terms and conditions of employment in written form as this will help if disagreements arise in the future (there are many templates downloadable on-line that will get you to a quick start)
  • Ensure all new employees are fully aware of these T’s & C’s, as well as their wider responsibilities when they join your business
  • Fair pay and reward has a huge impact on morale and productivity. Decide whether you are operating a basic rate pay system or one that rewards on performance or progression and skill growth
  • If you buy another business with employees, the T’s and C’s from the previous employment will have to be preserved unless renegotiated with the relevant staff
  • Have a clear policy on dealing with sickness or absence for employees
  • Ensure you are up to speed on pension legislation and rights
  • Establish clear policies to prevent bullying and harassment
  • Ensure you are up to speed on discrimination in the workplace
  • Remember there is only ONE culture in your organisation. How you treat employees will be reflected on how they treat each other and your customers
  • Establish a clear and formal disciplinary process that fairly evaluates and resolves issues that may arise
  • Understand the difference between redundancy and performance related dismissal, specifically the changing rights of employees over time
  • Engaging with employees and giving them a ‘voice’ in the decisions you make helps make your business become more effective and productive

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